Sunday, 6 July 2014

The offensive 2M commercial

Sunday, 6 July 2014
Hello everyone ,

The other day I was sitting at home watching TV when an advertisement  popped up . As you all know you can’t really skip an ad on  TV so I just watched it . And I never thought that I could be that mad after  watching 1 minutes of some TV commercial  until that day .

It basically insulted women in every  way possible  and it had nothing to do with them at the first place. I mean why would you want to make a commercial  like that when your talking about apartments , why would you want to make a commercial like that at all .

A few days after it aired people noticed it’s big flaws  but the channel didn’t even bother  cancelling  it .they justified the hole thing with one sentence “ oh it was just comedy “ and  deleted the abusive part only .
Are you kidding me  don’t TV channels have people who control scripts and judge if they were TV appropriate because seriously if you think that that was an okay material for a national channel commercial than  I’m so sorry you are very wrong.
And the fact that people believed that excuse is just unbearable . how could that even be comedy because guess what it didn’t make me laugh not even for a second.

Believe me I’m not hating on anyone but to air something that humiliating on national TV in a time where everyone is watching an have everyone think it’s okay is 100% wrong .
You’re giving the younger generation the wrong ideas you’re making them think that it’s okay to insult women it’s okay to objectify them to treat them like pieces of meat ( this commercial includes a man who was bargaining marrying his 4 daughters to another man) , while their mothers and sisters are sitting right next to then laughing about it .

Well guess what , it’s NOT and that’s the main reason we need feminism .  All I want is for people to know that it’s not okay to make jokes about those sensitive subjects . Respect women and just consider  the fact that if it wasn’t for a woman you wouldn’t even exist right now .  

For Arabic speaking people this is the commercial


Thank you for your time 

Khaoula .A 

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  1. Television commercials for most of people are a descriptor of amusement. Also a way to give a glimpse about the product which is being sold out there in the real cosmos , but for each of us a different point of view toward anything , the criticism differ from person to an other especially for this commercial , our criticism must be the same , cause this commercial underestimate the real value of the women and make it less important , here is an obvious example of women’s oppression which is a result of the system of patriarchy , a system of domination in which men as a group have power over women as a group , even as they said when ever that find them self in a bad situation they said that it’s a just for fun , fun was never a impetus for mocking of real things .


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