Sunday, 31 August 2014

I'm back !

Sunday, 31 August 2014
I haven't updated my blog in ages , I know . But  I'm back now . I was on holiday for 5 days in which I managed to break my laptop screen into a million pieces  and fix it  (Thank god ) .
I have been very very lazy this summer (like I always am ) I haven't done anything productive except from going to the gym and writing some short stories . But I'm  going to try to post more frenquently and  in a regular way so I can get this thing moving .

It's August the 31st and summer is over .Both my mum and dad are starting work next week but luckily I'm not . I still have one month of freedom before school starts , in which I'm going to attempt to sit for and pass my driving license test and  post reguraly
So This is how it's going to be : I'm going to post 3 times a week , each post will have it's own theme . I'm gonna try to keep up with this as long as I can , Hopefuly more than a week (LOL)

This is it for this post . See you very very soon .


For the inexcusable delay in posting again


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