Monday, 8 September 2014

Documenting assilah : part I

Monday, 8 September 2014

Hello everyone ,
   As I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts , this summer I went on holiday to asilah with my  family . 
Asilah according to Wikipedia  is a fortified town on the northwest tip of the atlantic coast of Morocco , about 31 km from Tangier - I confirm - . 

It took us about 3 hours of driving to get there but it was totally worth it . Once we arrived  -and by we I mean : Me , my mum and dad , my two sisters , my aunt and uncle and my cousin - we immediatly rented a house then went out for lunch . Everyone was so tired so we had some nice tajines then  went right  back to the house , where  my sisters my cousin and me slept the entire afternoon because apparently we all stayed up all night instead of having our beauty sleep (says the person who spends her nights scrolling down  her tumblr dashboard ). While we  snoozed the grown ups took it upon themselves  to go shooping for groceries .
I'm going to break the story for a while  just to say that I think it's time I start  using names because it started to get a bit annoying . So my two sisters are called Nouha and Nima . And my cousin's name is Sarra .

After me , Nouha ,Nima and Sarra woke up we went out to the city and had a very nice walk  along the beach . A couple of laughs and selfies later we stopped for drinks . Everyone had ice cream except for me . I  grabbed a coffee because I'm different  and special , just kidding I really needed it to save me from turning into a zombie   (LOL) .
A couple of hours later  we went   back home ,  ate dinner , had some nice family time then went to bed .
I know that  we didn't do much on out first day there , but it's only because of the lack of sleep  which lead to everyone being very moody .

PS : Sorry about the bad picture quality I took these pictures with my phone . Better picture are coming soon I promise  

Asilah is a very beautiful city and  I can't wait to write about the  rest of our time there.


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