Monday, 22 September 2014

Uni time is here !

Monday, 22 September 2014
Hello blog ,

 So my little extra three week holiday is over . Now it's time for me  to go back to school.
I must say I don't really miss waking up early in the morning nor am I  very excited about  the 1 hour bus drive , but it's alright because I  can't wait to get back to buisness . And by buisness I mean learning about new thing , doing homework ( yes believe it or not I miss homework ), getting to know new people and  basically having a more active life style since I had a very lazy , relaxed summer .

Since registration I have been to university a couple of times just in case there were any updates about the time tables or anything else for that matter , but I'd always come home half disappointed -because I went all the way there for no reason -  half happy - because I gained a couple more lazy days -. But this morning there was something new , As I entered uni I noticed it was very busy so I instantly concluded that the time tables were updated which made me very happy . I finally got to know what I'm studying and who is teaching me for the semester .

The  subjects I'm studying are :
        1- Extensive reading
        2- Composition
        3- British ans USA cultures
        4- Grammar (of course)
        5- Initiation to translation
        6- Public speaking

That's it ! I can say I'm very excited about everything . I can't wait to start this year with a good , positive vibe and try my best  to carry it through out the entire year .

Lets do this

This is it for this post , See you very soon blog .

Jump ! and you'll find out how to unfold your wings as you fall

                                                                    Khaoula .A

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