Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Tuesday, 30 September 2014
Sometimes I  feel sad because I’m tired.
Sometimes I feel sad because I miss someone.  
Sometimes I feel sad because I’m under appreciated.
And Sometimes I feel sad because I’m lonely .
I’ve heard it a million times that it’s going to be alright . It’s okay to be sad , things will get better.
But how , when ,where nobody really knows.
I’m sick of being put aside and ignored all the time.  
See , the thing is that I’m one of those people who turn every negative emotion they feel  into  sadness .
So no one but them can actually see or feel  it.
All the anger ,  fear ,  loneliness and tiredness inside of me turn into tears in which I drown myself in while I sleep.
And I just whish that one of these days somebody will see the shit I have to go through everyday and  come save me from the worst enemy I have ever had .

Myself   .


Lets just say I'm not feeling very well this evening 

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