Monday, 9 February 2015

A letter to the 15 years old me.

Monday, 9 February 2015
Dear Khaoula,

                  Hey there! It has been a while since we last talked. I just wanted to write this little letter to ask how are you doing, even though I know. I know you're feeling shitty , lost and confused. But believe me when I say that in a couple of years, most  of the things you're worrying about now will be of no importance. Obviously you will still be kind of confused, probably forever, but everything will be much more better. YOU will feel much more better.

I know that the last thing you want to hear is some wise pretentious person saying "it gets better". You are right but you are also wrong. It doesn't get better unless you work for it. It doesn't get better if you lay numb in bed and cry. It doesn't get better if you lock yourself in your room and hide your feelings from the rest of world. It doesn't get better if you don't do anything about it. You are allowed to grieve, you are allowed to be sad. Do that, but only for a while.
You need you alone time I get it. But please honey don't push people away. Every once in a while try and let them in, share you feelings and maybe just maybe they can take some of the pain away.

Don't worry about your future too much. Again I know your going through a rough patch, but you will do just fine, believe me. You'll discover a whole new world. A world you'll fall in love with. A world you always wanted to exist in. But no spoilers. I'll let you see for your self.

Now there are a few things I need you to always remember.


- Friends come and go.

- If someone leaves your life, It's not because of you. Some people are just not meant to stay.

- It's good to have a comfort zone, but trying new things is even better. Try to do that every now and then.

- Yes you'll fall in love, yes you'll get your heart broken ,and yes you will grow out of it and go on with your life.

- Some people will hurt you, that's a given fact.I'm sorry but you have to get back up and move on.

- Love. Love wholeheartedly and with passion. Love your family, your friends, or your "significant other" it doesn't matter. Just give love to people who deserve it.

- Wear sunscreen, ALWAYS.

My darling life is beautiful, so live it to the fullest and go after what you want. Life might kick you, trick you and play you. But NEVER EVER give up.

I love you.

You, me, us.

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