Monday, 27 April 2015

Hey there !

Monday, 27 April 2015
Hello blog,

It has been ages since I last wrote a chatty post or any Post for That matter, so I decided to do it now because... well because I want to.

So Hi, how are you ! I hope you're doing good. Me? I'm great, these past few weeks were ,probably, the busiest weeks of my life. I'm going to try as best as I possibly can to fill you in on them properly.

Okay let's do this !

-So I was one of the winners of the Casa Blanca regional public speaking competition. yaaaaay #Proud
-I had to work on loads of projects and presentation, which were all very successful, thankfully.
- I had a very fun day with my crazy group of friends in a city that we barely know, we laughed until we cried and  walked until our legs were numb but enjoyed every second of it. 
-I made the mistake of drinking nothing but black coffee first thing in the morning without eating anything else for the soul purpose of  giving myself some caffeine so i can survive the rest of the day, but it totally backfired and my body started crashing right away, for a second I thought I was dying. Thankfully I was not. Never drink coffee on an empty stomach, Lesson learned   

-I Got to take part in an overheated debate about feminism in class.
-My friends threw me a surprise birthday party we went to a cool coffee shop and then  to the beach. It was so much fun.

- I made a new friend (WHAAAAAT). One I never thought I could actually be friends with, But she is the coolest and we are totally in the inappropriate sexual humor  friendship stage now.

- I have learned that life is truly a gift and that we shouldn't waste it on nonsense.

- I decided that from now on my happiness comes first. I  finally have the right to be selfish.

That is basically it, now that my schedule is kind of back to normal; I hope I can manage to post regularly, I know I suck at that but please don't give up on me.

As always guys remember to stay positive and do more of what makes you happy. If you ever feel like talking you can reach me on my e-mail, facebook or twitter, I'm always happy to help or have a little chat.

Lots of love
Khaoula. A


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