Saturday, 4 April 2015

The wonder duo talks : Stereotypes.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Hello there readers, it's Rachid......what ? you don't remember me ? well I guess, it has been some time since the last wonder duo talk ! Ah, ring a bell ? Okay ! now that we established that, I am sure you figured out what this is about. It's Talk number 2, and it's going to b about stereotypes ! Since my partner in crime is a language and literature student, I decided to interview her about the kind of stereotypes she and her classmates have to put up with. But before that, let us start by giving a simple and scientific definition to the word. In social psychology, a stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about a specific type of individuals that may or may not reflect the the reality. A funny example is the established connection that we always make between donuts and cops in American movies !

So let's start interrogating.....oups, I mean interviewing our dear friend khaoula here ! first, K. can you you tell me if you think that you are a subject of stereotypes as a literature student, if yes by who ?

Oh that's for sure rachid. I'm think that you are very aware that here Morocco, all literature students are regarded as lazy and stupid. Literature in general is considered  a choice for people who can't handle science. So to answer your question literature student are stereotyped by the whole entire society.

Okay, so you do feel targeted by stereotypes then. What are the most frequent false ideas peoples got about you literature students ?

The most frequent stereotypes that literature students face; and I'm gonna focus on English literature students,are that some people think that we are just waisting our time, some think that we are nerds, superficial or maybe even lazy. Honesty, there are so many I can barely remember any.

So where do you think those ideas come from ? why do some people think you are wasting your time for example ?

Probably because they have the idea that university, in general, is a waste of time. Because most graduates are jobless or stuck in jobs with dead ends.

It's interesting that you brought that up, we are going off topic here but I think this question is very important ! Do you think that the failure of some university student in their professional careers or the lack of any for others is the main cause to all those stereotypes?

I definitely think so. I mean there is no other reason. Because the majority of students don't exactly succeed career wise, University lost its integrity. And that's why its students are obliged to deal with all the labels forced upon them.

Could you tell us about a time where you have personally dealt with a case of those stereotypes. I mean did you ever have to talk to someone who believed these false ideas about your studies and how did the discussion go ?

Not really. I mean I'm the shy type of person so talking to people isn't exactly my fort. But I have definitely encountered some people who believe in those stereotypes. Like the fact that English students are mostly superficial wanna be american teenagers. But the minute you start talking about something deep the way they look at you changes and I think that says something.

It definitely does ! what do you think is the solution for this issue ?

To stop group judging people and try to treat them as seperate individuals would definitely be a great start.

That is definitely a good start, I think that the media and the press are not doing any good job in correcting this issue either. Sometimes they even participate in it, and that leads to verbals conflicts and even racism sometimes. To finish this, do you have any final words to say Khaoula?

I think that we should all work together in order to erase stereotypes. Because they don't just hurt stereotyped people but also society in general. So please dear reader never have preconceived ideas about someone, go and try to get to know them instead. Believe me it is much more better.

Wise words you got there Khaoula ! thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts with us today !

That is it for this wonder duo talk. As always guys, remeber to stay positive and do more of what makes you happy. And we will see you very soon with another wonder duo talk.

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  1. Ugh. Stereotypes. There's so many and you're always bound to be one of them. It makes you feel as if you should be a certain way, or say certain things, even though stereotypes aren't accurate at all. If they just didn't exist people would be able to see past your label and judge you for who you really are.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Exacly! I too wish stereotypes didn't exist so people can finally see each other for who they really are.


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