Sunday, 30 November 2014

How to : Survive a sick day

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hello blog,

These past two day were sick days for this little girl. I spent all my time coughing my lungs out,watching hours and hours of Tv shows and sleeping.

I had a lot of things to do but since I felt like I was run over by a bus, I was  perfecty okay with sitting in my own filth of germs doing nothing but beeing sick . The only good thing that came up from this horrible experience (that hasn't ended yet) is me getting inspired to write this blog post which is not bad at all .

So here are some tips to get you through your sick days .I hope you guys don't have to use these anytime soon .


So first things first : TV marathons 

Choose your favourite show/shows or movies and do some binge watching . You may find a  good marathon on Tv but if not (which is always the case) the internet is always here for you.

As you can already tell the shows  I chose to watch are : OITNB and Orphan black. (I'm dying to watch the upcoming seasons.)

 Tip number two :

What I like to do when I am sick is to always stay warm and that includes a fluffy, warm blanket / blankets and my favourite hot drinks. If you're too sick to make one yourself use you're new found (sexy) raspy voice to convince your significant other  (in case you have one) to make if for you . If not just make your sibling do it .  

 Tip number three :

This is a classic thing that  everyone does when they are sick  and it's making chicken soup. It's a life saver . It makes your throat feel better and makes you feel warmer.

So make sure you have a lot of it stocked up , if not use the raspy voice again. It always comes in handy.

 Tip number four :

Keep water and medicine close at all times this cuts out on the amount of times you have to get out of bed and drag your feet to the kitchen or the bathroom. Which becomes the hardest thing when you can't stop coughing.

 Tip number five :

Keep all your electronics charged and  close to you . As an internet addict I find this tip the most important .There is no way you can sleep away all the sickness ,so there no better way to kill times then to watch you favoutite shows/ youtubers (tip number one), read some of your favourite blogs and talk to friends than the interwebs.  

That my friends is the way I handle my sick days ! 

Remember to  stay positive and do more of what makes you happy .

Don't forget to wach your hands  and I'll see you very very soon 


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