Sunday, 12 October 2014

20 facts abouts me !

Sunday, 12 October 2014
Hello blog !

I haven't posted in two days , I know (daily blogging huh) . But I have my reasons .
I don't know how but I've managed to hurt my hand very badly to the point that I couldn't even move it for two days .

Luckily today I got a bit better so I decieded to post a little something to keep my blog alive . And as you alredy know I chose to post twenty  fact about me (interesting  ).

So here it goes :

1- I live in Morocco (shocker right ? )

2- I love love love short hair butI don't think it will look good on me.

3-  I have something called high sensitivity ( I'll talk about in detail in an upcoming post).

4- The first destination on my must-visit list is Australia.

5- Coffee is love , Coffee is life (If you know what I mean ).

6- I obsess about Tv shows like there is no tomorrow . Glee ,OITNB , orphan black , 2 broke girls ...       (the list is infinite )
7- Blue is not only my favourite colour it's the warmest *wink*

8- The smell of a forest in the rain is like heaven to my nose .

9-  I'm mostly the person who will be found saying "It'll be just fine" in hard situations.

10- The three places I want to live in are NYC , brighton and basically anywhere in Greece.

11- Another obsession of mine : YOUTUBE . I start my day watching youtubers and I finish it watching youtubers and I ain't even mad about it .

12- I study English lit at university, this is my second year.

13- I love cooking.

14- I am a sucker for romantic comedies. (what a cliché )

15- I'm always down for a movie musical marathon , always .

16- I'm a feminist .

17- My passion is anything to do with books ... I long to be a writer.

18- I've always been a little bit of a tomboy.

19- I love Janis Joplin.

20- I write poetry and I'd love to perform slam poetry/open mic.

Those were the twenty facts , I hope you enjoyed knowing a little bit about me .
Anyway that's it for today . I hope you have a pleasant morning/ afternoon or evening where ever you are .

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Remember to do more of what makes you happy and I'll see you next time .


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