Thursday, 2 October 2014

How I met my soulmate ...

Thursday, 2 October 2014
Hello blog .

Today I'm going to tell you the story of how I met my best friend . So here it goes , exactly one year ago on October the second 2013 I got a Facebook  message from a guy named Mohamad Kyalie.
It said and I quote "Can we be friends , we are so similar " . I was quite intrigued to know who is this guy and why are we alike .So the first thing I did was go check our mutual friends and to my surprise they were two Darren Criss & Chris Colfer fan accounts . Since I'm a huge gleek I immediatly accepted the facebook invitation and started talking to him .

Message after message I found myself getting closer to this guy  and I realized that we  were practicaly the same . A couple of days later we skyped for the first time and I never thought that I would be so nervous and so excited at the same time  to talk to somebody . And then it just happened we clicked instantly and I felt like I have known him for ages  .

We both had the same obsessions , liked the same kinds of music , movies  ,tv shows  and most importantly had the same dreams . It was a that moment when I just knew this person is my soulmate .

After weeks and weeks of talking I made him this simple little thing :

You see I'm not the type of person who lets people in very easily or at all for that matter .That's why I was very surpised of how in matter of months mohamad has become more close to me then people I knew for years and years . But the problem was that he lived in Syria which is 4000 miles away from Morocco . which means meeting him is one of the hardest things ever . Add to that that  Syria is in war at the moments so going there or even sending things in the mail is impossible. 

But that's okay because no matter how far we are he'll always be the bestest friend I have ever had . one of these days we will get the chance to meet face to face and catch up with everything . And make all our dreams come true TOGETHER . All I want to say is Mohamad if you're reading this I love you so freaking much , I hope we  stay in each other's life forever . And know that even though we don't talk that much because of everything that's happening nothing will ever get between the two of us .

So to end this , I just want to let everyone know that meeting people online and getting to know them is not a bad thing at all. Just be careful about who you are talking to and how much information you share on the internet .

Have a nice day everyone 


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