Monday, 27 October 2014

I'm new here !

Monday, 27 October 2014
Hello blog,

I know that most difficult thing in the entire process of doing new things or meeting new people is to introduce yourself because you know a lot about yourself, but then you don't know where to to start or what to choose from, You have to present the person you are in just a couple of sentences which is not fair.

well I'm going to try anyway I am youssef amir ,one of a kind. Not an alien but surely not a human . I love being my self and I am obsessed with discovering new things. I write and I make music it's what I love. I am studying economics and English. 
So this is me, simple as blank and mysterious as magic ink . When khaoula first asked me to guest blog for her I didn't know what to write about so I decided to simply talk. 

Letting it all out is what I'm doing today .

Well it is kind of hard  to express what we are feeling or thinking about especially if the person is an introvert .But sometimes we just get to the degree where it's all to much and we just need  to let everything out maybe  to friends , good listeners, or simply people who don’t care at all .
When it comes to me I choose to do it on the internet, for complete stranger to read. So here I am sitting  in front of my computer trying to  gather my scattred ideas and thoughts in the form of a post and praying it actually makes  sense.

Over the past 8 years or so , I’ve seen the best of things and the worst of them. I was extremely happy and very sad . I was in perfect health and I had my sick days .
 What I have learned along  the way is  that life is not as fair as they tought us in school , you have to fight through bad thing and enjoy good things . I believe in destiny very very much , but those terrible times sometimes win and affect the way I look at life.

You see awhile ago I had an accident that lead to an injury on my left eye and that was my worst nightmare.It is still hunting me until today. 

Before I had the accident  I felt like I'm following my own rules  only. it was just me against the world ,but after everything that happend I felt like giving up .
The good news is that it didn't last for long ,after getting my wake-up call , I  realized that I cannot change the past  , there is no power in the entire univers that can . So I just picked up my good life from where I last left it and moved on.

Yes I know bad things happens that's a fact and we should get over it. 

Now I feel better about myself , I am discovering new things whithin me,and I am so proud of ME.
I thank God everyday for showing me the right path , and giving me the chance to meet  great people that I am so proud of having in my life ,

This was kind of long (sorry) I just want to thank the person I am writing these lines for,for inviting me she is really one of  the best people and the closest one to my heart . I am so lucky to be her friend. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and thank you for being in my life.

So this is today's post guys ! 

As khaoula says I hope you have a nice morning, afternoon or evening where ever you are.

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Remember to embrace who you are , do more of what makes you happy and I hope I'll see  you very very soon.

                                                            Youssef Amir

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