Monday, 12 January 2015

Glee season 6 ! let's do this

Monday, 12 January 2015
Hello blog,
As you may (or may not ) already know, my favourite show of ALL time is "Glee". And  last Friday its final season premiere aired and of course I watched every second of it .

Can I just say that for the first time in forever , I was very happy with everything, even the newbies "god I love them". I mean what's there not to love . LOOK at them. Madison and Mason (aka the cheerleading twins) are the burnette incestous version  of Sharpay and Rayan .And can we puh-lease discuss how awsome Roderick is ? His singing voice is just amazing . Don't even get me started on the badass feminist that is Jane  . 

Even though my baby Rachel's show got canceled she's coaching  the new directions along with kurt. I think that's going to put her back in tack so she can shine even brighter and rock broadway again. (don't judge me I really love her )

Blaine was also cut from NYADA (Whaaat ! ) because he and Kurt broke up (again Whaaaaat !) And his dating Dave now ( an even bigger WHAAAT) .But they'll be back together in the future because Klaine is endgame, so let's just take a deep breath.

Blaine is also coaching the walblers. Apparently we're going to have a rachel& kurt / blaine / Mr.Shue competition in sectionals. Show choire drama, I'm so in.

One more thing : the unholy trinity is back.

And WIVES  !!!


A lot of things happened , amazing songs were sang and Glee is back.

I'm so very excited for the season ! come on glee , bring it home .

As always guys , remember to stay positive and do more of what makes you happy. I'm soory I fangirled too much 



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