Monday, 19 January 2015

New project : "The wonder duo talks "

Monday, 19 January 2015
Hello blog,

One of my 2015's resolutions was to focus more on "Shared Thoughts", I promised myself  I'd impove it and that is why - today- I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 

I'm working on a new project called "The wonder duo talks" with my amazing friend and partner Rachid .G. I met Rachid on Interpals (yes I'm on interpals don't judge). We instantly started discussing heavy subjects like politics ,psychology ... no small talks . That is probably why we get along so well and why I always enjoy his company. We became friends on Facebook a while ago and started to get to know each other . Let me tell you, he is the most intellectual person I  have ever got the pleasure to meet. 

We started this project because ,honestly, we already have these conversations in private so why not publish them in hope they will inspire someone , somewhere. We believe in change. and the power of small actions ,perseverance and dedication.  And I think I speak on behalf of both of us when I say that we may not have the power to change the world but we have the power to change us. That alone can have a huge impact on our life and the lives of others.  

Before I start talking about anything else , let me introduce my partner and co-writer first. Rachid is a Mathematics student. He got a double Licence in pure and applied mathematic and is currently a Masters student, studying pure mathematics at the the university of Lorraine, France. (Geeky huh!). His main centers of interest  are astrophysics , mathematics (obviously) , psychology and history. He loves reading , writing and playing strategy games. 

You can reach him on his e-mail :

Now I'll let him do the talking , ladies and gentlemen Rachid Guejdad.

Hello there reader, 

My name is Rachid, and I am one of the co-writers of the Wonder duo talks. Khaoula and I started this project because we believe in the power of debates and intellectual discussions in the process of improving ourselves. But also, because we want to trigger your minds to think about topics that we think are really important and eventually to discuss them yourself with your friends and draw the right conclusions. 

Let me introduce my dear partner in crime. Khaoula.A is a young Licence student majoring in English literature. This fair Lady is one of the most active persons I have come to know. Her interests are: politics, history, literature, psychology and community work! She is an excellent writer, an approved blogger and a huge bookworm (no offense meant K!). She also loves traveling and I quote "being a decent human being". Well khaoula, you're more than decent, extraordinary is more like it!!

If you want to contact her, please write to:

I hope you'll enjoy the Wonder Duo talks, 

This will be our little logo, hopefuly this project will grow into something bigger.

So that is it for today guys , I'm so excited for you to see the first "wonder duo talks" It is already been writen , and currently being edited. I hope you will enjoy it and give us some feedback.

As always remember to stay positive and do more of what make you happy !
Have a nice day folks.

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