Saturday, 31 January 2015

An award? Where? When? I accept !

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hello blog !

I have been away for the past 5 days and I came back to find a very pleasant surprise waiting for me .

As if having my little blog isn't already awesome, I have been nominated by a lovely fellow blogger to take part in the Liebster award.

I'd like to start off by thanking the amazing "This Freaks Thoughts"  who has deemed me worthy of the award, for that I am most grateful. I definetly think you guys should check the blog out.

For those of you who don't know what a Liebster Award is. It is a chain letter whose main purpose is to bring blogger together. It spreads your blof name around and hopfully gets your blog more traffic.

Below are the rules of the Liebster award :

-Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog.
-Answer the questions given by the nominator.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers, and link them.
-Notify all the bloggers you nominate.
-Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

 Here are "This Freaks Thoughts" 's questions and my answers :

1- Why did you pick your blog name ?

I first started this blog because I'm extremly introverted and highly sensitive, so sharing my thoughts with people in real life isn't exacly easy. That is why I chose to name it "shared thoughts". Because all the posts are me sharing my thoughts (kinda cheesy I know)

2- What is your favourite animal and why ?

Now that is a hard question. My favourite pet animals are cats because I simply just adore cats. But my favourite  wild animals are definitely Leopard or lion cubs. Why ?  just take a  look at these babies.

3- If you were allowed to go to one place in the world but not be able to visit it ever again, where would you go ?

Iceland , definitely Iceland. I'm in love with that place.

4- What is your favourite thing about yourself.

Everything, I think I'm pretty awesome. Just kidding, but not really.

5- Would you rather only ever eat junk food or only ever eat vegetables?

I think I'd rather only eat vegetables ,because being able to eat nothing but junk food is not a life I want to live.

6- If you were only allowed to wear one makeup product what would it be?

Sunscreen. Does sunscreen count as a makeup product ? I'm not sure. But I don't really use makeup that much so that wouldn't a problem.

7-  Who is your idol / role model ? and why ?

I have a large number of idols. My parents of course are my first role models and then there is Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, J.K Rowling , Paolo Coelho,  Stephen Hawking, Elizabeth Gilbert and a lot more.

8- You are only allowed to use household appliances in a zombie apocalypse, what would you pick as your wepon ?

Probably a knife.

9- What is your favourite smell/scent.

The smell of a forest in the rain. It's like heaven to my nose.

10-What is your best advice on worrying?

I ,myself, am a person who worries so much about basically everything. I think that the best thing to do when you worry too much is to try and distract your brain from thinking about the specific thing you're worrying about. Try to do something you love or something that makes you happy, and hopefully everything will turn up exactly the way you wanted. I wish I could  say just stop worrying but I know that it's not that easy.

11- What do you like to do on your spare time ? 

Sleep, listen to music , have solo dance parties in my bedroom, obsess over Tv shows, scrool down my tumblr dashboard and run ,not from my problem, even though that is something I use to do a lot, but the actual physical activity. Improvement I know.

Here are the lovelies I nominate :


Here are my questions :

1.        What is the number one reason you started your blog?
2.        When not blogging, what do you do for fun?
3.        Who or what inspires?
4.        What are you most passionate about?
5.        What is your favourite movie ?
6.        If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?
7.        What's your greates fear?
8.        Best book you've read recently?
9.        What is your favourite season of the year?
10.     If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which one would you choose?
11.     What is your favourite animal?
Again , many thanks to "This Freaks Thoughts" for nominating me. 

As always guys, remember to stay positive and do more of what makes you happy.

Lots of love

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    1. I loved reading your answers!
      Thank you so much for the nomination :) . My post with the answers for your questions will be up on Monday.

      Salha | Abuhayar

      1. You're welcome ! I can't wait to read your answers.

        Khaoula. A

      2. Here they are I've been nominated for a Liebster Award! :)
        Again, thank you so much for nominating me :)

      3. Great ! I'll make sure to check them out

    2. Thanks so much for the nomination! I love the questions you've set. Honestly, I have a blog for the same reason as you. Sharing thoughts online is so much easier than sharing them in real life. It feels fulfilling in a way, having your vents and just anything out there.

      The Life of Little Me

      1. Hello there ! Sorry for the late reply. You've very welcome.
        Yeah that's for sure. You actually feel like you're heard in a way.
        I love your blog by the way.

        Khaoula xx


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